Friday, March 4, 2011

Ema's update...Good Shepherd Hospital

Emaline got to meet many relatives and friends for the first time the weekend before going to Good Shepherd.

    Great Aunts, uncles, cousins...lots of friends!
               Lots of lovin'!

Melanie & James - celebrating his birthday.

Rick & Amy.  So glad they could be together!

Ahhhhhhh!  Must be sweet dreams!!

     The Good Shepherd part of their journey started out a little rough. 

     First of all, Rick & Melanie were surprised to find out they were sent to the wrong hospital.  It was the one for older people not babies.  Leaving Allentown, PA, they headed for Bethlehem to the Good Shepherd Pediatric Hospital.
     The first day was more for checking in, orientation and "getting settled".
     The next shock was being told their insurance was only going to cover 70%...after being told it would completely cover.  With more digging, Good Shepherd found they are completely covered. 
     Next, after being told Melanie could stay in the room with Ema, they discovered Ema had a 2 yr. old roommate & no place for Melanie to stay.  Also, they weren't allowed to carry Ema down the hall but could only use a stroller to take her to the lounge...the only place the three of them could be together.  They weren't allowed to take their baby into the guest room where they were sleeping.
     The first night, they spent part of the night in the lounge so they could be with Ema. 

     The second night, a nurse and a security guard told them that they had to send Emaline back to her room then leave the lounge because it needed to be locked for security reasons & would be best for their baby.  Having a security guard tell them what was best for their baby didn't go over well at all. This happened while we were on Skype & Rick told them he needed to finish with his parents then they'd leave.  The nurse called the head nurse at her home & they were finally told that they could stay in there that night.    Soon, we got a call from Rick.  The nurse wanted him to call us back to let us know they could use the lounge.  I don't think she wanted to be thought of as the "bad guy".

     The third night, they finally got a private room for the three of them.

     Now, we aren't against rules but none of this went along with what the kids were first told it would be like. 
     Just one more test for them.

     On the HAPPY side of things, Ema has been smiling like NEVER BEFORE!  It was great to see her on Skype. It was like she could not quit smiling.  She found she could do fun things with her tongue and was so happy!!

     The next day, she lifted her head to follow her Daddy walking across the room and gave him a huge smile!  This is such an improvement.  It was never easy for her to lift & move her head like that!

     She is undergoing several types of therapy and doing great.  One therapist was supposed to have her for 1/2 hr. but was having such a good time with her that she kept her for an hour!  The steroid has started to work.  Ema has still had a few small spasms so the Dr. wants to increase the dose.  It's working but oh, those side effects!!
Here's a couple of pictures from the first few days....

A sleepy quiet baby...

~   ~   ~

...turned into a wide awake, alert smiling baby!

The FIRST smile in a week!!

I wasn't sure it was our Ema!
No headband!

Here she is!

Her Daddy says it is like she was full of smiles
that couldn't get out until now!

Following therapy is play time with Daddy!

We are so thankful Ema's Grandma & Grandpa Martin
are close enough to go over for visits!
It would be hard to think of Rick & Melanie being there alone.

Love that they can be there to see the progress!

Love this picture!

~     ~     ~
Again..thanks for all your prayers & love!

Please remember to pray for Ema's parents, too.
They need strength, widsom & good, restful nights.

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