Monday, January 10, 2011

One month ago...

...Mother ~ daughters trip to Maui!
We had such a good time ...laughing, site seeing, eating,
soaking up the sun...just being together!

Here's just a few pictures...

The trees are so unique.  I never got tired of looking at them.

Of course we took in a Luau...the Old Lahaina Luau complete with fire dancer.  One of the rest authentic ones where we were served rather than a buffet line.

The sun set by 6:30 each night. 
Even though it set quickly, it was beautiful and a joy to catch it in time!

On the Road to Hana......  This road has room for one vehicle in most places....and a man living there was going to prove it to us!!
It has over 640 hairpin turns.  We saw some of the most interesting trees, wild chickens along the road, waterfalls & pools,
beautiful flowering trees, cactus.  Cactus?!  Who would have thought!

One of many waterfalls... 

The guy in the middle was our tour guide for the Road to Hana.
He was very interesting and a lot of fun! 

He thought we were fun, too, and asked if we'd come back the next day!  : )

I just wanted to capture the beauty, bring it home and share it!
Flowers were everywhere!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the dinner cruise.
Too dark for a picture?  No.  Actually, it is one of me that I finally like.  ;)

Lots of surfers...

We had one rainy day....but who cared?!
The rain made for fuller waterfalls!

My most favorite thing of all was snorkeling!!!
We took the Alii Nui tour.  They were great.
The water was sapphire blue!
We saw whales while going out to the crater where we snorkeled! 
What a treat!  The whales were there a little earlier than usual.
Under water, there were so many beautiful fish, eels, "spikey things" & coral.
Just so gorgeous.  I felt like I was in my own National Geographic!
I'll get or rent an underwater camera next time!
This is the snorkel crew we went with.
A part owner of the boat was from Bozeman!  (wish I could say he was the friendliest...but....) 
Another couple on the boat was from Billings!
Small world!

The man in the red shorts is a retired heart surgeon from Canada.  His wife is sitting to the right of him.  We had such a great time visiting with her. She even left us a message saying how much fun she had with us.

This shows the stairs that went right down into the water which made it so easy especially for us non-swimmers.

We liked asking the bald guy questions just to hear him talk.
He was from New Zealand.  Cool accent!

Lynn & I snorkeled on our own off the beach. 
Treated that time with seeing a turtle & more beautiful fish!
I was the treat for a jelly fish.  I was stung slightly on the foot
and a wrist but
he got a big "bite" on the other
 wrist...& I still have the marks to prove it.
Did I mention I LOVE TO SNORKLE!?!

Needless to say...I'm ready to go back!


  1. wow, that looks like an amazing experience, and beautiful photos!

  2. I think you did everything we did.....your pictures look just like mine....Fun trip huh! kim

  3. I'm ready to go again...anywhere tropical...where I can snorkel.
    Did I mention I LOVE to snorkel?!