Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wearable Art...

I'm pretty excited! 

The owner of an art gallery in downtown Billings
wanted my handmade scarves for her winter art show.
Besides her own art work, she shows works of other local artists.

She was really pleased with my scarves and
the name I've chosen for them.
Here is my Logo...

 Black & White with a touch of color is the theme for her show.
My scarves along with art work, pottery and jewelry from other artists
will provide the color.

This show will be in her gallery from November through January.

These three scarves make great "collars".
The middle loopy scarf has a button closure. 
& can be buttoned between any of the stitches.
The other ruffley scarves make really cute,
feminine collars besides adding warmth.

The first several scarves I made were totally
out of my comfort zone
made in brown tones.

To my shock, not every woman's favorite colors are pink & purple!  :o


I made a baker's dozen scarves in a variety of lengths, colors...with fringe...without fringe.

I really hope they all sell...& maybe she'd even have call me & say make s'more!
but...if they don't...I'll have lots of gifts on hand :)

Here is her invitation for her show...


  1. I love them!!!! I hope they all sell and you have to make more!!!!!! -Melanie

  2. Would love to be there! They are beautiful - like you!

  3. What an exciting opportunity for you, Dawn! Hope you sell all of your beautiful scarves and need to make many more! Cindy

  4. What a great opportunity! I hope they all sell and you'll be busy making more beautiful leis! Keep us posted. Char