the EMA*LINE headband

more Ema*line headbands....

...and a new little model!
      Isn't Miss Ruby gorgeous! 

  & a few more...

A friend of ours had a great idea!

You've heard of the Oshkosh line...
Baby Gap line...
Gymboree line...

the Ema*Line

beautiful * bow-da-cious * blingy
made to scatter joy!

Our granddaughter is the inspiration for the headbands.
This is the first headband I made using feathers from
the pheasant her grandpa got.
I die cut pink & green camouflage felt for some of the flowers
to match her little camo (with pink eyelet lace) outfit.

I've never had my little model with me when making headbands
so I'm always thankful & pleased that they work just right!

I was so excited...but for now, it hasn't worked out.
We were going to have a "Gathering" with new moms
& time for me to show & sell my "Emaline" headbands.

If you're in my area, & would like to have a gathering, please contact me!

I am making & selling the headbands to help with Emaline's therapy
& other medical expenses. they haven't quite made billboards yet ;}
but I have sold quite a few!

This is the headband I made especially for an evangelist/friend
to take home to his new baby.
He worked at our camp and got to know Rick, Melanie & Emaline.

This is my brochure....

Emaline had a stroke before she was born which caused
Infantile Spasms
(now under control)
but still goes through a lot of therapy,
tests & has other medical expenses. 
The proceeds of the Ema*Line Headbands
will go towards these expenses.

I'm preparing for my first "gathering",
a friend wants to have at her home for me to show & sell!
I'm excited about this!

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing any.

The peacock band was made especially for Emaline
to wear to one of her aunt's wedding

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