Sunday, July 17, 2011

Success Story...Emaline Musson...

Our precious granddaughter was featured in the booklet printed for a Gala Benefit for the Good Shepherd Hospital in PA. where Emaline
spent two months.

The hospital wants to do a follow up story on her, too!

Since leaving the hospital, Ema continues weekly therapy.
While Emaline's Daddy is at work, her Mommy spends a huge amount of time doing therapy at home.
There are different things she does to stimulate
the muscles in Ema's right arm & exercises to
encourage her to use her right hand.
Her right hand is mostly in a tight little fist
especially when she is concentrating on
holding onto objects with her left hand.
A cast (beautifully decorated by her Mommy)
was put on her strong (left) arm to
encourage Ema to use her right arm.
From under the cast,
she was able to sneak movement with
her little fingers so next time, the cast will go further on her hand. 
The plan is to have a cast on three more times this year.

Emaline is a very happy baby now that the spasms have remained under control.
She readily smiles all the time...until she is tired...then she wants to be done with everything, get comfy & sleep!
(Hmmm...sounds like some other people I know!)

We just cannot get enough of seeing her smiles &
hearing any little sounds she makes.

It is such a JOY to see her Mommy (our daughter-in-love) & Daddy (our son) so very lovingly, gently & continually taking care of this precious little one!

Ema went to Castle Rock Baptist Camp this past week.
She loved being around all the campers who mutually loved her!
Her first little tooth peeked through at camp!

The following are a few pictures I adore!
See the change in our little Bundle of JOY!?! 

 ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

This little poochy lip picture was taken at her
Aunt Maria's wedding in April. 
I imagine she was getting pretty tired by the time this was taken.
I love it!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Ema in her tutu. 
I always notice her right hand. 
She is grabbing her left hand as if posing in her tutu! 
Any time her right hand does that, it is exciting!


happy, happy, happy...

The latest in sunglasses!!


Daddy told Emaline to give Gramma kisses...
Such a sweetheart!

Recently before falling asleep, I saw Ema holding a little, soft stuffed frog.
She would look at it in the eyes, speak softly to it & put the face to her mouth.
I KNOW she was saying, "I love you!  You're so pretty."
& was giving it kisses
since that's what she hears all the time!

All of a sudden, she's losing her "baby" look!
Just a couple more weeks and she'll be 1 year!!

It is very hard narrowing down the pictures to post.
They are all absolutely lovable & everyone melts my heart again & again!

Look at previous posts to see how much Emaline has changed. 
(Especially from those taken in January!)

Thank you for continued prayers!!
Praise God for so many answered prayers already!

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