Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craig's update

Craig has had his 3rd treatment
& has been feeling pretty good!!!

Pitt's Pizza in Laurel sponsored a team for Craig in the Relay for Life.
I'm not even sure how many were on the team
but there were many.
This was our first experience with Relay for Life &
it was very encouraging to see how many people participate.

Last year, Billings had the 9th largest event world wide!

Here's the front & back of our shirts...



Luminarias could be purchased to honor or in memory of a loved one or friend.
Both sides of the track were lined with them.

On the bleachers, they used luminarias to first spell out

It was even more special to walk in the dark with the
luminarias lighting the track.

Amy, Jenny & I walked for 8 hours...mostly non stop!
The time went by quickly so it didn't seem that long at all.
If we would have been more familiar with the event,
we would have planned to stay all night & watch the sun rise!
There were special features they do throughout
the night to help pass the time.
"Up" was shown on a big screen.

Next time!

We were able to honor Rick's Mom who passed away from cancer.

~~~~~   ~~~~~   ~~~~~

This is the first lap...the Survivor lap!
Craig is the tall one in the black hat &
beside him in the red hat is his
Grandpa Canape...a cancer survivor!

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Craig really wanted to see his cousin, Amy!
She flew in on the 4th of July & surprised Craig
& the rest of the family! 
Amy knew that Craig had been craving root beer since his surgery.
She walked in carrying some & went to Craig...
"Hear you've been wanting root beer!"

It was very, very good for all of us to have her home for a week.
Craig really doesn't care much for having his picture taken,
(I don't know good looking as he is!)
but agreed to this & what a great picture it is!
So thankful he was feeling good!

***     ***     ***

Laurel celebrates the 4th of July in style!
Approximately thirty thousand people come
to our town to watch our fireworks
presented by the Laurel Volunteer Firemen.
They do a superior job!

Dynamic Design, a store in Laurel,
decided to sell 1,000 helium balloons
that would be released at the park before the fireworks.
These balloons were in honor of & to benefit Craig.
All the balloons were sold...many people
gave much more than the $1.00 they were selling for.
One man from out of town,
went to the booth saying his name was Craig, too,
& wondered what was going on. 
He also has had cancer & was glad to donate.

Seeing the balloons being released all at the same time
was SO emotional!!
...I can hardly write about it!
It just sinks in again that it is real.

The Canape family is so blessed with many
friends & a town that has really shown support!

We're so blessed to see God provide for them in many ways.

Thank you for keeping Craig in your prayers!

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