Thursday, June 16, 2011

The EMA*LINE headband

Here are a few pictures of more of the "Emaline Headbands"

Emaline is known for her headbands!
She has received headbands from friends...even from very thoughtful, caring people they haven't even had the opportunity to meet yet.

Previously, I've shown a few of the headbands I've made for her & for Melanie to give away as a way of "scattering joy"
to someone needing encouragment.

The tag for the headband reads:

the EMA*LINE headband.
...made to Scatter Joy
(Emaline's middle name is Joy)

The day after Emaline got out of Good Shepherd Hospital,
her Aunt Maria got married. 
Part of Maria's floral arrangements were made
with peacock feathers,
so Emaline needed a peacock feather headband!
This is the one I made for the wedding.

The first picture shows the back side where 
I put big flowers to make it pretty, too,
 in case it was also visible. 
The very thin feathers at the bottom 
are also peacock feathers. 
Their feathers are so unique and beautiful! 
I think peacocks have the right to strut "Proud as a Peacock"!


Since I make the headbands without having
a model to try them on,
I'm never sure how they'll fit.
Melanie put the headband on "upside down"
from what I was thinking
and it turned out PERFECT!


Is this a gorgeous little family, or what!?!

I was glad I put the flowers on the back side because they do show!


Ema's peacock headband worked for Easter, too!
I love her little crossed ankles!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This cheerful teal and green headband is one I made for Melanie to give away.
The UPS man got to the hospital just as the Mommy was at the door to leave.
I'm so glad Melanie was able to give it to her in time!

Rick & Melanie wanted a thank you card to give to the staff at
Good Sheherd Hospital. 
I was thrilled that they asked me to make the card.

Close up of the card...

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

I took this picture as a little teaser of what Melanie
could look for in her UPS pkg.
It is a closeup of the headbands and card with some photo effects.
I love background papers and thought this will make a great one! 

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