Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What a year...and it isn't even half over...

Here's a happy picture to start this post... 
This baby just wants to keep smiling!

    This has been the hardest year for our family since 1996 when I spent most of the year on the couch with Crohn's Disease, feeling like I'd never get up again.  This year started with finding out our precious granddaughter had a stroke before she was born which led to some major health concerns.  (You can find out details in older posts on my blog.) 

     Since then, we've had many, many blessing seeing the improvement in baby Emaline & God providing for Rick & Melanie just when they needed it!  These blessings had trials tossed in now & then for the rest of our family such as a second surgery on Rick's foot and his Dad being hospitalized 3 times.  (once for surgery - a week after Rick's surgery).

     I would trade this year for '96 & back on the couch especially after this present trial for my family...

     After being sick for several weeks, my nephew Craig had surgery on May 9th.  A very rare and aggressive cancer was found in his colon.  Yesterday, June 13th, Craig had his first of 24 chemo treatments which he'll have over the next six months. 
     Craig is only 20 yrs. old (young)  The doctors were so shocked that this cancer was found in one so young.

It's good that Craig had been in good health and an athlete prior to his surgery.

     Our community has been so amazing in their outpouring of love, concerns and actions!  Food was taken in to Craig's family, their lawn was taken care of, fund raiser/benefits have been planned.  The first was a car wash and ice cream sale held on Sunday.  There were so many people out to help, offer support verbally and monetarily.  We appreciate each one so very much.  Although still weak from the surgery, Craig was able to sit and visit with those stopping by...oh...and to inspect how the car washing was going!  (wink, wink)

These pictures were taken shortly after Craig got home from the hospital.

He knows my favorite thing to do is wrap my arms around his waist for a hug.  Even though he wasn't feeling very strong, I got my hug.  He is so tall, I just put my arms straight out and I can wrap right around his waist.

As with Emaline, I show these pictures so we can journal the positive as Craig heals.  No doubt as with chemo, he'll become more tired and experience other side effects, so these pictures are also a reminder to please keep him in prayer!!

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  1. Even in the valley God is good.

    Oh Rejoice in the Lord, He makes NO mistake.