Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emaline's beautiful blue eyes are healthy!

Emaline's ophthalmology appointment on Friday (25th) went very well. Her ocular health is great.  She wasn't in the mood for tracking objects for the doctor so he was not able to find her field of vision or blind spots.   He said if she does have problems they will not get worse, so she'll be checked again in a year. As her spasms stop, her eyes should progress as well as the rest of her development.  Right now, there is not a lot of concern about her tracking or following objects because she does her exercises by following her black & white toys & flash cards.  It's obvious she is able to follow. 

Good Shepherd Hospital is where they'll head for on Monday morning.  Emaline will begin intensive therapy to work on her little muscles that were effected by the stroke and Torticollis.  We'll anxiously wait to find out what they do!

Her eyes look a little brighter but smiles are still few. 

Imagine this little person having to be on 3 different kinds of strong medications in the last 2 months! 
I think that would take smiles away from most of us.
When I think of that, I'm so thankful and amazed again at how well she does.

She makes hair bows look soooo pretty!

Love this little dress!

Emaline is so feminine!


Never lacking in love, hugs & care!
Ema was very well taken care of in the nursery
of her Grandpa Martin's church.

Here she is with her Mommy's dear friend.

No worries here!

She was very loved!

Thank you Marcie!

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