Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee Art...

What do you do with old coffee beans & ground coffee?
Make art!

My brother Doug, is having an art show at his restaurant,
Staggering Ox, to benefit Habitat for Humanity.
This is my "practice" piece.
For several weeks, I've wanted to try using
old coffee beans and ground coffee in art pieces for our kitchen.

Unless I come up with another inspiration overnight,
I'll make a similar one for the art show.

The art show is on display February 1st through March 31st and will be sold using a sealed bid auction. There will also be a People's Choice award.
(Un-varnished below)

I varnished the coffee beans to give them gloss.


Each artist can choose to donate 100% or 70%
of what their piece sells for.

Stop at
Staggering Ox.
Take a look at the art work & have lunch!
Feb 1st - March 31st

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