Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is the dessert I made for a fellowsip dinner after church last Sunday.

I layered Nilla Wafers, bananas, banana cream pudding & Cool Whip. I mostly liked it because it was pretty. Pretty food just HAS to taste better! I used two large boxes of puddings to fill the bucket. Put a little pudding on the bottom to hold the wafers. Layer bananas on top of wafers, more pudding & Cool Whip...repeat starting again with wafers.A friend & I went to a Taste of Home cooking school in Billings several years ago. I don't remember what they made and displayed in a glass bucket...but I loved the bucket! I was able to order one from them and later found them at JoAnn Fabric (just one time) so got one for my friend, too. I use the bucket to hold fresh veggies, fruit, salads and desserts.

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  1. So beautiful!!! Wish I could find Vanilla Wafers here..haven't thought of that recipe in years! The bucket is a great way to serve something like that! Thanks for showing us!