Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting ready for a "Gathering"...

A friend of ours has been wanting to have a "Gathering" in her home to show & sell my "Ema*Line" headbands.   I'm almost ready!  Since keeping one blog current requires so much time & rather than starting a new blog or site for the headbands,  I lots of trial & error, how to make pages at the top of the blog to see just the headbands.  (Although I do love when you take a look at all my posts!)  So, hopefully, when you click on 'the Ema*Line tab', you'll be able to see what I have there.

The proceeds from selling the headbands will help pay for Ema's therapy & other medical expenses....I have really big dreams here!  : )

I'm almost finished with my brochure for them, too....again, lots of trial & errors but I'm so excited about it.

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This is the headband my friend ordered from me... more computer time!
Time to make headbands!!!

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