Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy birthday....

My 15th birthday with
...and I have the stamps to prove it!   ; )

I started out on a little table in the family room...
moved to one of the spare bedrooms...
then to the bigger of our spare rooms 
(made 'spare' after our kids left home).
I've been working on organizing my room
when I have a few moments here & there,
to get it the way I'd really like it.
I've also added a "beading corner",
& at the moment, my desk is full of "the EMA*LINE"
headband making items!
  I'm so thankful I have a separate room for all of it!

My room became quite full again
when we moved things out of the other room
to make a bedroom for my father-in-law.

S L O W L Y but surely, I'll get it done!  :)

*     *     *

Happy 8 months today,
little sweet bundle of J O Y !

This will be Ema's last week at Good Shepherd Rehab Hospital.
It seems like a very long time since we've seen her & her Mommy.
(We we're thankful to have a day with her Daddy a few weeks ago.)
Ema will have another EEG at the CHOP before they come home.

She is a new little baby compared to the last time we saw her.
We can hardly wait to see her big smile, shining eyes
& hear her little giggles & sounds in person!
I want to feel her little arms around my neck
and smother her with kisses!

From this...
The first week in January when the spasms were just beginning...
(Although we didn't know for sure at that time that it was spasms)

To this...

A happier healthier baby!

A sweet little girl that Melanie & Ema got to know.
She was able to go home from the hospital last week!

Ema & Aunt Maria have their Phillies shirts on!!
Grandpa Musson want equal Cubs time!  : )

I want to hold her now!

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