Thursday, March 10, 2011

...the BEST news yet!

Ema's hypsarrhythmias
(Infantile Spasms electrical activity on the EEG)
are GONE!!!
Her EEG showed a lot of normal activity and a tendency for seizures.
She will continue taking medicine for seizures but
will begin weaning off steroids on Monday, March 14th.
There is a 60% chance that the spasms will NOT return!

This picture was taken shortly after her EEG.
She slept in her Mommy's arms for the test
& must have had quite a refreshing nap!
Since she feels better, she can’t quit smiling!
Rick & Melanie say she is really interacting with others.
She likes to catch her Mommy's eyes then turn away with huge smiles!

A new little baby was in the therapy room with Ema.
She kept smiling at the baby trying to catch the baby's eyes!

She is making new discoveries every day!

Doesn't she look like she has lots to tell us?!

We are so blessed to see more answers to prayers!

Rick is home & back to work.
Dear friends of Melanie have been filling in the gap with visits.
Thank you to them!  What a blessing & JOY for all of us to know so many care.


  1. We've been praying for her. Praise God for the answers, especially His attention to the details! She is just so beautiful! We'll continue to pray...