Thursday, February 10, 2011

...more on Ema...

Our pretty little bright eyed baby!

Melanie's parents live in Philadelphia.
This is what happened on
January 31st....

"Thanks to my dad marching himself down to CHOP,
they called me today.
UNFORTUNATELY they said the soonest
they could make an appointment was for March 22.
We're on their cancellation list, so may get called sooner.
I'm HOPING we can get into Good Shepherd BEFORE
our appt with CHOP,
b/c want Ema there YESTERDAY!" ~Melanie

One day later...
"I LOVE my pediatrician that I had growing up!!!!
Dr. Corcoran called the doctor of the stroke program
at CHOP and they called today
saying they "moved things around"
and could get us in Feb 22!!!!
And Good Shepherd pretty much said
we can come anytime,
so Philadelphia, here we come!!!!
The Lord works everything out!" ~Melanie

(CHOP is the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvaia
where they'll see the specialist
& Good Shepherd is the hospital
where Ema will have therapy.)

February 8th...

Ema had another EEG.
She didn't care care at all for being hooked up again,
but after being swaddled & held by her Mommy, she soon fell asleep, plopped out her pacifier and slept through the whole test!
We are still waiting on the results.

Therapy is helping her neck!
Here is a picture of her with her Noggin Nest. 
Isn't that a cute name?
This helps her hold her head and neck straight. 

She is 6 months old already! 
Her Mommy decided to put away most of the 0-3 months clothes
so she is now in 3-6 mo. size.
You can see her sleeves have to be rolled....
but that's ok...I have to roll my sleeves, too!

She's so wouldn't know she's having such troubles.
I wish I knew what she thinks of all of this.
I do know
she knows
how loved she is!

February 9th...
More good news!!!
A local philanthropist gives a donation to Family Outreach
(early intervention) 
to someone in Gallatin County every year,
and guess what????
They are paying for the plane tickets for Rick & Melanie
to go to Philadelphia!!!!!!!
The Lord knows every need and is blessing in the midst of the trials!

Not only is our little family being blessed but they are a such a testimony & blessing to so many others!


Melanie works one a morning a week at an assisted living place in Bozeman.
The residents LOVE when she takes Ema in to visit.
She said this man became a "new man" when holding Ema.
See the JOY on this lady's face?!


She is such a JOY
Loved by so many

Prayed by more people
than we'll ever know.

Thank you, all!

Stay tuned for updates as we get them!

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