Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update on Emaline....

Ema started one more prescription to try to help with the seizures.
This new one isn't even normally given to babies so had to broken down by the pharmacist.
So far, it hasn't seemed to help a lot but then she's only been on it about a week.
It's hard, humanly, to think "Why isn't it working yet!?" 
We have to remind ourselves that she was diagnosed less than a month ago.
From our visit at the time of her dr. appointments to last week end,
we see a lot of improvement!
She is happy to stay awake longer, shows more interest in her toys
and her bright eyes and smiles are back!

This is how her Mommy gives Ema her medicine...
little drops at a time.  She's a very good girl and with the help of
her pacifier, swallows it right down!

The night we got to Bozeman, we picked up Melanie & Emaline and went to Applebee's where Rick met us for dinner.  I don't think anyone in the place did not ooooh and aahhhh over our little Sweet Pea!
Waiters, waitresses and customers from across the room!

(I wish this wasn't so dark.)
I love seeing Ema's Daddy (in uniform) kissing his little girl!
Isn't she peaceful?  Proud Grandpa/Dad!

We went for a walk right before sunset.  A beautiful day!
Ema was snug inside her Mommy's coat.

Loved this picture the best....

Then we got to this picture!
Of course my eyes filled with tears.
LOVE, love this little baby!

Some really good will help Rick & Melanie with
the children's hospital in Philadelphia!!!
Such an answer to prayer!

Now they are just waiting for their appointment...& after seeing the PA weather report
and pictures of her parent's house, it's good the appointment isn't now!

God is good...
whatever He chooses to do!

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  1. Such a sweet sweet little girl! Love the last picture with her smile! Will be praying for God's timing on the appts back east! Thanks for posting again!