Saturday, September 12, 2009

From "The Modern Family Cook Book "

by Meta Given
Copyright 1953

I LOVE cook books! This is from a cook book my Mom used. Something I didn't remember when looking through the book is this creed at the front of the book.

The health of my family is in my care; therefore- I will spare no effort in planning the right kinds of food in the right amounts.

Spending the food dollar for maximum value is my job; therefore- I will choose from the variously priced foods to save money without sacrificing health.

My family's enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore- I will increase their pleasure by planning for variety, for flavorful dishes, for attractive color, for appetizing combinations.

My family's health, security, and pleaure depend on my skill in planning meals; therefore- I will treat my job with the respect that is due it.

Being a homemaker has been one of my most favorite things ever. I've always loved trying new recipes and meal planning but I'm not nearly as good at planning meals since the kids aren't home anymore. One has to get used to cooking for two again. I have more cook books than almost anyone I know but I get home and can't figure out what to fix. I'm trying to have a better plan which makes things so much easier when trying to fix dinner after a day at work.

Helpful hints:
*Write menu for the week. This helps with grocery shopping.
*Keep your ideas in a notebook to go back & use again. (I liked posting the menu for the week on the refrigerator...worked well until I'd change my mind and Rick already had his taste buds set for the original idea. :)
*Write cook book names and page numbers in your notebook. This makes it much easier to find the right recipe when you want to fix it again.
*Write the date on the recipe. It is fun to look back and see the recipes you've used & when. I also like to put a smiley face & comments on recipes we liked. A frowny face if we didn't like it.

This morning for breakfast, I started preparing French Toast. Yeewww! The milk was sour and already poured in with the eggs. I did not want to waste the eggs so mixed up pancakes instead. Sour milk makes great pancakes! Here is the recipe from "The Modern Family Cookbook" 1953 My Mom made lots of these & I have, too!

Griddle Cakes or Pancakes
2 c. flour
5 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
3 tbs. sugar
2 eggs
2 c. milk
1/3 c. melted shortening
Sift flour, measure and resift with baking powder, salt and sugar. (I don't sift it) Beat eggs in mixing bowl, add milk and mix. Stir in melted shortening; then add flour mixture all at once and beat until perfectly smooth. Have griddle heated only moderately hot, or to a temperature of 300-325* F. if you have a griddle thermometer. Grease lightly with unsalted fat. Pour out 1/4 c. batter for each cake. Bake until top-side is full of air bubbles (my Dad will tell you this is most important!) and under side is golden brown, then turn and bake until brown on other side. A spatual or pancake turner is desirable for turning cakes. (Isn't that cute? What else would you use?) Serve at once with butter and syrup, honey, or sugar and sausages or bacon, if desired. About 25 cakes.

Note: If thinner cakes are desired, add 1/4 cup more milk.
~Italics are mine~

Try them!
If you have helpful hints & ideas to share...I love hearing them!


  1. Very interesting insight to a family cook's role! Thanks for the work of putting it in!

  2. This is the recipe my Grandma has always used for pancakes. She gave me the book about a year ago. It falls open on the page.