Monday, May 11, 2009


Did you even know there is a time set aside to honor officers?
At the end of the week, there are motorcycle rides to honor fallen officers.
Montana Peace Officer Memorial Day Parade is May 15th.
the parade starts at 11:30 am Downtown Helena.
Memorial Ceremony will be held at the Helena Civic Center at 1pm

Yearly, on average, there are 140 - 160 police officers killed.

These are my two officers.

This picture was taken at our son's swearing in at the Bozeman police department.
Since they work in different towns, it is hard to get an updated picture of them in uniform.
(Neither one is in favor of wearing their uniform when visiting each other.)

I have sister who is a police dispatcher and a nephew will soon be majoring in criminal justice to be a police officer, too.

Is law enforcement dear to my heart?!

There have been anxious moments, especially when my husband received a SWAT team call out. What a different feeling when I think of my son in situations, though. It's such a different feeling when it is your child. That "parental protection thing" kicks in!
We pray for God's protection and know that whatever happens, is His will whenever He choses.
Of course I have a hard time hearing people cut down officers.
"Why did the officer stop me, the jerk!"
Did you know your attitude can help write your own ticket?
How many times have you been in error (even on purpose) and not been stopped?
Running a red light, speeding, not stopping at a stop sign..... etc...... etc.....
Did you ever wonder what adds to the attitude you think a cop has?
Could it be that he just came from a bad accident or fatality, or just gave CPR to a tiny baby that fits in his arm...but the baby didn't make it, or delivering a death notification, or just coming from a family disturbance (often the most dangerous call for a cop). No matter the size of town or department, officers make the same calls everywhere.
They make these calls on a regular basis and we don't even know the half of it. (even as wives)
My husband is so good at leaving his "job" at the office.
Could you have a baby die in your arms...then go home and have dinner...never even mentioning what just happened but having to act like everything is OK?!

Please show respect to our officers and thank them for what they are doing.

(I'm sorry I don't have the author of the following poem.)

What Is A Cop?

Cops are human (believe it or not) just like the rest of us. They come in both sexes and various sizes. The size depends on whether you are looking for one or trying to hide something.

However they are mostly big.
Cops are found everywhere-on land, on the sea, in the air, on horses, in cars, sometimes in your hair. In spite of the fact that "you can't find one when you want one," they are usually there when it counts most. The best way to get one is to pick up the phone.
Cops deliver lectures, babies, and bad news. They are required to have the wisdom of Solomon, the disposition of a lamb and muscles of steel and are often accused of having a heart to match. He's the one who rings the doorbell, swallows hard and announces the passing of a loved one; then spends the rest of the day wondering why he ever took such a "crummy" job.
On TV a cop is an oaf who couldn't find a bull fiddle in a telephone booth. In real life he's expected to find a little blond boy "about so high" in a crowd of half a million people. In fiction, he gets help from private eyes, reporters, and "who dun it fans." In real life, mostly all he gets from the public is "I didn't see nuttin'."
When he serves a summons, he's a monster. If he lets you go, he's a doll. To little kids, he's either a friend or a bogeyman, depends on how parents feel about it. He works "around the clock," splits shifts, Sundays and holidays, and it always kills him when a joker says, "Hey tomorrow is Election Day, I'm off, lets go fishing." (That’s the day he works 20 hours).
A cop is like the little girl, who when she was good, was very, very good, but, when she was bad, was horrid. When a cop is good, "He's getting paid for it." When he makes a mistake, "He's a grafter, and that goes for the rest of them too." When he shoots a stick-up man he's a hero, except when the stick-up man is "only a kid, anybody could have seen that."
Lots of them have homes, some of them covered with ivy, but most of them covered with mortgages. If he drives a big car, he's a chisler, a little car, "who's he kidding?" His credit is good; this is very helpful, because his salary isn't.
Cops raise lots of kids, most of them belong to other people.
A cop sees more misery, bloodshed, trouble, and sunrises than the average person. Like the postman, cops must also be out in all kinds of weather. His uniforms change with the climate, but his outlook on life remains the same; mostly a blank, but hoping for a better world.
Cops like days off, vacations, and coffee. They don't like auto horns, family fights and anonymous letter writers. They have unions, but they can't strike. They must be impartial, Courteous, and always remember the slogan "At Your Service." This is sometimes hard, especially when a character reminds him, "I'm A Taxpayer!, I Pay Your Salary!"
Cops get medals for saving lives, stopping runaway horses, and shooting it out with bandits (once in a while his widow gets the medal). But sometimes, The most rewarding moments come when, after some kindness to an older person, he feels the warm handclasp,
looks into grateful eyes and hears
"Thank you and God bless you, son."

Read more here:

This gets old

Cops and donuts.....

As far as I can tell, almost everyone likes donuts! You always hear stories about seeing cops at the donut shop and it is a typical stereotype about police officers. I think the stories about cops and donuts comes from the fact that police officers work odd hours when most restaurants and stores are closed. In past years, the donut shops were all that were open at night. When an officer wanted to stop for a break, coffee and donuts were convenient. Since we are available for calls at all times, we may have to run off in a moment's notice. If you have several squads working an area and only one place is open, you are bound to see several officers there throughout the night. The donut shops are almost all gone now. Donuts have been replace with the bagel and there are not many all night donut shops open anymore. I wonder what the next stereotype will be? I've never heard the question "Do cops really like bagels?" (copied)

You know...when salesmen come in bringing gifts of donuts, I don't see construction project managers turning them down! hmmmm.......

and...don't you like to meet a friend or co-worker for lunch or coffee?
Thank you for reading!
Dawn ~a cop's wife and mom.


  1. Good job Dawn, and yes I do like to meet a friend for lunch or coffee.....when r we going....Stella

  2. I am available about anytime!!! :)