Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seven days without stamping...

...makes one weak!!!

This card opens just on the bottom half.
The top says "Seven days without stamping"
the inside says "makes one weak!"

With a busy schedule, I had no time for stamping for over a week!
The cure: a deadline.
Put everything else was on hold!
I needed 6 graduation cards TODAY!
I started a card yesterday in between giving Rick a haircut,
going to our Police Reserves graduation
and a Barbershop concert at Alberta Bair Theater.

Today, after going to one graduation reception/lunch after church,
I finally had a chance to finish the card I started plus make the 5 others I needed
to take to church tonight for the graduation and reception.
The ink was practically still drying as we ran out the door to get to church.
Oh, no! I forgot the music for "Pomp and Circumstance"...ran back in...
grabbed the music and made it on time!
Feels great to get some stamping done!

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