Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh yes! The big 30

Our son turned 30 this week!
Acutally, both of our kids are 30 until the 25th.
How can that even be possible?!?

This is a card I made using a picture of Rick when he was pre-kindergarten.
He is wearing his Daddy's police uniform.
The one who took this picture for a school assignment,
is now a police officer working for my husband.

This is Rick now in his own police uniform.
He is a police officer in Bozeman MT.
A professional photographer & friend took this photo.
The photographer is not a police officer but his last name is Kops.

and...Rick gets paid to ride a Harley!

The metal embellishment on the card I made says "Inspire"
Rick was inspired to become a police officer by the influence of his Dad.
Now, Rick is an inspiration to others through his job and his love for God.

I'm so proud of him! (in a good way)

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