Monday, October 18, 2010

Stamping....I kinda remember what that is like....

Since Labor Day weekend, my father-in-law has been living with us.  We waited for several weeks to find out if he could get into one of the sr. housing apartments in town.  After finding out it was not a possibility, we again reassured him he was welcome to live with us.  After having just the two of us for quite awhile, we are adapting, making lots of changes personally and in the house. Last Monday was spent moving our furniture, boxes of things-to-stamp-on, computer, etc., make room for my father-in-law's things.  Now I have lots of stacks of boxes to go through not counting lots of stuff that got moved into my stamp studio.  It will be an a-MAZE-ing thing for me to make my way to my desk!

Three days after moving furniture, we got company.  Cousins of my father-in-law had been wanting to come for years and finally had the chance.  They are sweet people who also love the Lord & I'm glad we got to have them in our home.  (Does that make them 3rd or 4th cousins by marriage?!  Why don't we say great & great-great cousins since we say great aunt/uncle & great-great aunt/uncle....hmmmmmm)

It was fun cooking for a 'crowd' again so we included even more by inviting my parents and our best friends over for dinner before the cousins left.

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